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Basketball hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in years. After a busy offseason, the NBA’s preseason is slated to kick off in about three weeks.Cheap China Jerseys.But we still have EuroBasket 2017, a continental championship held by FIBA Europe every two years that features many of the best international players.It’s no surprise that eight of the 10 leading scorers in the tournament so far have NBA experience, including the ever-shifty Goran Dragic darting into the lane at will and a more-muscular Kristaps Porzingis looking like a demigod next to mere mortal players.But the best reason to tune into EuroBasket may be to check out the new wave of imports set to enter the NBA. Here’s how four of the brightest are performing after almost a week of play.Authentic NBA Jerseys.

Even if we set aside the drama spawned by Isaiah Thomas’s physical examination, the blockbuster trade between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers had many intriguing angles.Cheap Jerseys From China.It marked a major transaction among top contenders, who dueled in the Conference Finals just a few months beforehand and are likely to clash again in the 2017-18 season. It involved marquee (though flawed and polarizing) players, an underrated spot-up wing, a David Blatt protégé, and a first-round pick with roots in another landmark deal. From a front-office perspective, it pitted a rookie general manager against one of the longest-tenured executives in the NBA.Amid these gripping plotlines was a simple yet notable detail. By trading Kyrie Irving to an Eastern Conference rival, the Cavs temporarily stemmed the westward migration of talent.Custom Basketball Jerseys.The 2017 offseason had already seen the departures of Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Paul Millsap, adding to the relative dominance of the West. At least for a brief moment, the Irving-Thomas swap resisted that trend.

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Expectations can doom a team, and it’s not exactly news to point out that rebuilding teams can’t be judged by the same metrics as title contenders.Jerseys From China.Wins and losses are important, but they are not the only way to look at how a team is progressing. The New York Knicks, for example, weren’t a disaster last season simply because they won 31 games and missed the playoffs. They were a disaster because they pissed off their future franchise player, their president got in a cold war with their lone All-Star and their owner’s beef with a beloved ex-player became an enormous, embarrassing distraction. Oh, and the team had zero on-court chemistry.NBA Jerseys Sales.


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